GP Extract A/F Mint 30ML


  • Widely known to be natures’ anti-biotic, Propolis has anti-viral, antiseptic, and anti-bacterial properties that extend it’s usage to many areas. Extracted only from superior grade Brazilian Propolis, Propolis
  • Extract is particularly effective for flu, cuts, and burns. Gums, mouth, throat infection, tonsillitis mouth ulcers and stomach discomfort. Strenght – Alcohol Free with Mint

For flu, mouth & throat infection, mouth ulcers and stomach discomfort:
Drip 6 small drop into a small cup of water and consume daily.
Take the same amount for 7 days and if no side effects,
Increase to 15 drops twice a day.
Stop if there are severe side effects

For food poisoning:
Pump the full dropper (around 35 small drops) into a small cup of water and consume 3-4 times a day until food poisoning symptoms stop.

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