Olivarrier Fluid Oil


How to use:
For face: After cleansing and toning, apply 2-3 drops of Olivarrier Fluid Oil Squalane onto face and neck. Gently tap and press until fully absorbed. Follow with moisturizer if needed.

It is a great multi-functional product and these other ways you can use squalane oil for:
1. Tame hair frizz and help moisturize hair to prevent breakage
2. Add a few drops squalane oil to your hair mask for deep moisturising effect
3. Pat few drops of squalane on lips for immediate moisture and shine
4. Use squalane to moisturise dry nail cuticles
5. Skin sun repair and for glowing skin
6. Feet moisturizer & shaving oil

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This strengthens the skin’s barrier without clogging pores. It soothes dry skin, dry eyes and lips, hands and nails, damaged hair, sensitive skin of expecting mothers and babies. 100% olive squalane.