Snow2+ Facial Spot Care

Skin Trouble Care

Bio Absorbable Magnesium Patch

  • Safe and Easy Patch based Magnesium
  • Painless High Dose Delivery for Intensive Care
  • Mg2+ and H2 Delivery for Anti-Aging Therapy



Meet the Revolutionary New Gen Skincare Solution! Developed by LABnPEOPLE, Korea’s R&D company for bioabsorbable metal and medical devices, SNOW2+ is the world’s FIRST Magnesium Microneedle Patch. Used by medical aestheticians in Korea, now you can make this a part of your home care regime!

SNOW2+ Facial Spot Care for Skin Trouble Solution Pack includes: 6 pcs of Magnesium Micro Patch (spot size) + 3 pcs of Cica Mask + 24 pcs of Hydrocolloid Band



– Up to 80% of the population is deficient in magnesium, a mineral that is not only essential to health, but also helps to improve the skin’s overall appearance, reducing acne and other skin disorders. – Antioxidant effect with Mg2+ and H2 for anti-aging therapy



– The patch provides a Safe and Painless (the feeling is akin to having a velcro strip against your skin) transdermal delivery of magnesium into the skin – It increases absorption of the active ingredients by at least 10x, induces collagen synthesis and stimulates growth factors


Contains cica extract, a herb that has been used for centuries for healing of wounds. Cica has potent antioxidant properties to revitalize the skin’s protective barrier, hydrates and soothes upset or compromised skin.



Contain the spots, gently absorb excess fluids while creating a moist environment for faster and better healing.



1) After cleansing and toning, remove protective film of the micro patch, taking care not to touch the center, and adhere to targeted area

2) Remove the mask from the pouch and apply over the patch and face

3) Tap the mask covering the patch several times to feel the irritation. Do not press too hard

4) Remove the mask after 20 mins and massage essence until absorbed

5) Leave the patch on for 2-8 hours and gently massage the area after patch is removed

6) Protect the troubled spots by attaching the hydrocolloid band as necessary 100% authentic.


Made in Korea. Ready stock in Singapore.

Best used before: Jun 2021 (Patch), Jun 2020 (Mask & Band)



1. If any of the following abnormalities occur, stop usage and consult a dermatologist: red spots, swelling, itching, irritation, etc that persist when used

2. Do not use in areas with wounds, eczema and dermatitis

3. Precautions for Storage and Handling:

a) Keep out of reach of infants and young children

b) Do not store in hot or cold places or in direct sunlight

c) Use immediately after opening (micro patch only)

d) Do not reuse


– Skin may temporarily turn red. Do not worry as it will soon disappear

– The discolouration of the micro patch after use is a natural phenomenon as the surface is ionized

– The micro patch is a safe material that is harmless to humans